“This Easter”

Cherry blossoms
still dot the path.
Birds land in fountains
just taking their bath.

Bunnies are hopping
from grass to grass.
Kids are at home
because there is no class.

The weather is bright,
so gentle and sunny.
I’ve never seen so many outside
and it’s almost funny.

Look what it took
for us all to see
how much we missed each other
as this all came to be.

Spring has still sprung,
it’s the end of lent.
This year’s Easter
is just a bit differ-ent.

Let us not take
each other for granted anymore.
Just spread the love
and more will be in store.

When the world is better
and we can hug and kiss…
remember this time
and never again shall we miss.

Happy Easter!

Photo by Pel on Unsplash

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