Vignette #28 “How to Stop Time”

Do you want to know how to stop time?

Take notice of the wind streaming in through the open window nearby. It may be strong with a storm spinning in the sky, or gentle with gulls guiding the way to the gorge. Either or… listen to what it’s saying with a rash yell in your ear or a soft whisper against your cheek. It knows the secret of rebirth because it lives on and dies down many times through out a single day.

Pay attention to the sky because unlike a human, it cannot lie. The sky knows no other way than the honest truth. Years, months, days are just materialistic things to an expanse that has and will forever see and cover all the world underneath it.

Look to the earth, for it is the one watching over you the most. Everything you have and will ever need it looks to give to you. Kindness and generosity layered through its being from the grass underneath your feet to its molten fire core deep below the dirt. It will give until the end because that’s what creators do. Love and love, and even when they are gone somewhere else out there they’ll still be looking out for you too.

Let the air slowly fill your lungs like the first breath after a deep sea dive. Something so small and natural that it’s often forgotten how essential it truly is. Realize that you are alive. If you can breathe then everything is okay.

Only when you are present in each and every moment do you have the universe in your hand and then, and only then, does time does not exist.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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