Vignette #33 “Listen to Yourself”

Life is not for the weak.

That much I have come to know.

It will pull you. It will push.

Life is hard. Living, though, makes it worth it.

It’s about the extra bit of cream you put in the coffee that was bitter from the start. It’s about the light hearted movie you watch instead of typing the report that night. It’s about taking a little time to sleep in even though the sun is glaring on your face. It’s about the friends and family that are there to hold you close when winter winds blow and bills demand attention and the work never seems to end.

If you need a break. You take a break. That’s it. In whatever shape or way you choose.

Life is not for the weak.

It will pull you. It will push. It will drag you down to the darkest depths of the ocean and bring you so high out of the atmosphere that breath is no longer an option.

But breathe you must. Because you are alive and therefore you are not weak.

You are strong.

So listen to yourself and when you need to breathe… take that break and breathe.


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

©2021 Jai Lynn

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8 thoughts on “Vignette #33 “Listen to Yourself”

  1. I love this message (of course.) These words are so needed by so many right now. Thank you for spreading your light and reminding each of us how strong we are. When we feel weak, we really just need to allow ourselves to breathe.♡

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    1. In the end that’s all we can do. Life is hard but (I believe) there is always a light. Sometimes it’s hard to find, but it’s there if we CHOOSE to look for it. Everything happens for a reason and the strength (if we need it) is always inside us. ❤ ❤ ❤ I'll shout out this message over and over because it is SO IMPORTANT and so many forget. I know you feel the same way. You and me, Jenni, we gotta keep spreading that light and love!!!!!!

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