My Case File

The Short of It:
I write stories. Ever since I was young I couldn’t seem to shut my imagination down so now, instead of suppressing it, I’m feeding it. Every word I write is there for a purpose. Most of them are on the page, but the rest are hiding between the lines. Look close, or you might miss something.

The Long of It:
So, here are the facts. Born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey I know where to find the best pizza and the closest cup of coffee. So, the food pyramid is covered.

I graduated with a degree in Accounting and have worked many other different jobs but being a writer isn’t just a job. It’s what I enjoy doing, whether anyone is reading or not. It’s relaxing and it’s fun, so that’s reason enough. I’ve been doing it for years, just showing others is the new part. 🙂

Between all the fan fiction and short stories I played around with growing up I also rode 16 hand quarter horses (and fell off ponies), watched too much anime from Sailor Moon to Psycho Pass (and everything in between), stubbornly learned how to play the violin, and had my keyblade handed to me too many times by Riku in Kingdom Hearts. You know which fight I mean.