If you are in the mood for a story you came to the right place. This blog thrives on poetry and short fiction. All of the stories and poems are independent of each other and each of them contains magic. Some of the enchantment is just a little harder to find. I’m a firm believer that magic does exist out there, we just don’t always see it or recognize it for what it is at the time. For those who look for it though… it will reveal itself. I’ve seen it, and I hope one day you see it too.

2020 Posting Schedule

  • Poetry – in the mood for a poem? Expect a poem every Wednesday
  • Living Life vignettes – need a spellbindingly enchanting written out documentation of brushing your teeth (among other real life struggles)? Expect a vignette every other Friday
  • Alternate Reality collection- feeling an independent (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, ect.) flash fiction piece with lots of MAGIC? Expect it the last Tuesday of every month
  • Snapshot! – want a brief monthly recap about the writer (me, Jai Lynn)’s life/blog/reading/writing experiences? Expect it on the last day of every month
  • Announcements – desire to keep up with news about this blog and this struggling writer’s life? Expect a post as they are needed

This schedule goes live February 1st!

With love,