“The Glue”

Thirteen years
went by in 1…..

An airport
on a dark
lonely night.

A plane
arriving late,
finally in sight.

A broken family,
but true.

and Jewel
the lasting glue.

The sidewalk
will never
be the same.

No one to make sure
the strangers
stay tame.

The top of the stairs
will always be for
the both of you.

I sit there now,
imagining you two.

is not
the end.

One day,
we will all be
reunited again.

(My dog Ike recently passed away. He is the one on the left. Jewel, his sister, passed in 2015. Though I can’t see them, I feel the both of them are still around. This poem is dedicated to them.)

©2021 Jai Lynn

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