It happens
when we look
each other
in the eyes.

I see stars,
a cup
with two straws,
a pair of rings
perfectly matched.

It happens
when our hands

I feel the heat
from your skin
and shiver
from the cold
in mine.

It happens
when we are
so close
but not quite
chest to chest.

You lean down
while I
rise up
on the balls
of my feet.
We are not

But it feels
like we are.

My head
is a beautiful
home for us.

But …
be honest,

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

©2021 Jai Lynn

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A lonely man
in his dark, dark house
sat down in gloom
the room as quiet as a mouse.

Never was there
one as lonely as he.
His dear young bride
left in the dirt for eternity.

As she rots below
he decays above.
Both dead and alive
hearts broken with love.

The keys of the piano
drenched in black and white
beckoned to him
in threadbare light.

One finger pressed
the middle key,
a beacon of sound
in a dark stormy sea.

Two fingers, then three
as the notes fell from he
rushing and swelling
all emotion ran free.

Deep beneath the earth
she heard the call like a bell.
Her joints began to jump
and breath from her lungs fell.

The man pressed and he played
till his fingers went numb
only stopping when someone
to the door had come.

He rose from his seat
and deep in a daze
wandered through the house
as if trapped in a maze.

The door creaked open
by itself as he reached the hall,
he dearly beloved
there standing skeletal and tall.

His eyes widened in surprise
and he fell to his knees
she would come whenever he played
those black and white keys.

Together they stayed
in this dirge-like way
until the man’s fingers stopped
on his own dying day.

Photo by Dolo Iglesias on Unsplash

©2021 Jai Lynn

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The first phantom
that appears in the night
leaves me wondering
in either longing, or fright.

Are you really
what I see?
There’s no such thing
as reality.

Sometimes smiling
with a Cheshire Cat grin.
Sometimes screaming,
mouth wide on a whim.

Are you
watching me?
Or am I the one
keeping you under lock and key?

Do you frighten
to keep me away?
Or are you scary
to keep the other monsters at bay?

As the night leaves
you will vanish soon.
Tell me, do you love
or hate me, my moon?

Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

©2021 Jai Lynn

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“Ghosting Me”

The water is still
in the fountain
at my knee.
I toss a penny in
and there’s two faces
in the water to see.

Strolling on the walk,
my shadow long
as the sun sets low.
I reach out
at empty air
and don’t want to let go.

A table for two
but there is only
one plate set.
I try to tell the waitress
there’s two
for this bill’s debt.

Ice cream in the park
as the night
hits slow.
One cone to share
weaving the crowd
we walk toe to toe.

Laughter and words
can’t help
but slip from my lips.
You catch the vanilla
as you move your hand
from my hips.

Staring ensues
from strangers
who don’t see.
For some reason
they don’t know you
are standing next to me.

Midnight comes
as fast as summer
slips away.
But between us
there is still
so much to say.

“I’ll always be
there, I promise.”
your smile starts to sway.
And then
you disappear
as soon as night turns to day.

I’m really alone,
and there is no one
to stare.
I’m not crazy
my boyfriend’s just a ghost
I swear.

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

©2021 Jai Lynn

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“The Swing”

The swing set
under the tree,
summer humming
to you and me.

Little red shoes,
baseball cap in blue
swinging away
each tiny bruise.

Free as birds,
light as air
when you are young
you don’t have a care.

If we had met
when we were seven
I wonder if 25
would now be heaven.

I can’t hold on
much longer.
Our swing set
used to be stronger.

The swing set
under the tree,
summer humming
to you and me.

Our grips slip
but don’t hit the ground.
Both of us ghosts
never to be found.

Photo by Megan Nixon on Unsplash

©2021 Jai Lynn

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Where are you,
where are you?
Do you know
I’m right here?

So lonely,
so lonely.
I’m fading
to nothing I fear.

and searching.
Darkness abound
but vision clear.

and fighting.
But they slip…
tear after tear.

Monsters and ghouls,
monsters and ghouls
see my sorrow
and leer.

So lonely,
so lonely.
I am closely

Where are you,
where are you?
You are
not here.

Photo by Monique Pongan on Unsplash

©2021 Jai Lynn

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“In Dreams”

In dreams
we laugh
and kiss
and sing.

We are
as queen
and king.

In dreams
there is
no one else
but you and me.

Like our souls
know each other
though you and I
are yet to be.

Dreams though
cannot sustain
a life

I only see you
when I sleep,
and in reality
I see you never.


©2021 Jai Lynn

This post “In Dreams” appeared first on Jai Lynn.

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