“See You Again”

Hey you…
I think
we’ve met

Don’t be
so shy.
You remember
I see it
in your eye.

Don’t be
so stiff.
I promise
I won’t bite
that hard.

Oh you’re busy,
I see.
I’m busy

We keep
and running
into each other
but the greetings
aren’t long.

Your job
is demanding
your time
my work
is crying
for attention.

But then
we find
each other
once again.

is calling
your name
and he
is calling

We’ll see
each other

I know
to be true.

Maybe then
will be
on our side.

my dear.
But just
for now.

not through
with our story.

Maybe next time
it will
be different.

So for now,
I’ll wish you luck
and you’ll
do me the same.

I’ll meet you
when I meet you
but for now
it was just
to see you

©2020 Jai Lynn

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Once upon a time
when downfall was all
I’d known
he found me
and boy,
how I didn’t know.

Once upon a time,
another normal day,
a girl walked through the door
saying she needed
a place to stay.
How I wish I’d known.

He didn’t seem like much,
another face
I didn’t trust…
until the day I saw
all the little things
he did
that I never saw before.

Anything she could have been
and I doubted
she’d last long
until I saw her work
making everyone
fall in love
with a girl
they’d barely known.

Hard and fast
I fell
without a net
to catch
and then I met
his girlfriend
and happiness
didn’t last.

I tried to stop
my thoughts,
and it was easier
with my girl
but harder at times too.
When someone’s mouth
is on your own,
but another’s
is all that will do.

He’s right next to me
and I can feel
my heart beating fast,
my fingers are reaching out
and he’s all I want to grasp.

She is right next to me,
and though I’m not
looking at her,
I see her all the same
my fingers reaching out
because she’s just said my name.

I knew you were
when you
walked into my life.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash